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Bridal Makeup


Pro bridal makeup

You found the right dress, the right hair style (and the right man), now it's all about the perfect makeup. I will make you shine, reveal the glow of happiness on your face, and ensure that you look flawless and stunning on your big day.

bridal Makeup 

My first concern in any look is to create a natural, light-weight, and long-lasting, flawless skin. After making sure it looks even, smooth, and a little warmed-up, we will give it a natural freshness and a subtle glow. From that point on, for every bride we can try at least two looks to choose from. Starting with a more natural one to build upon, we can later see it escalating to a more dramatic look.


Bridal Makeup trials

My model bride in Chicago for the photo-shoot - Our Before shot.


It all starts with a smile

Each trial has a main purpose, to make you happy and as awesome as it gets.

We start by discussing your dreams and expectations, as well as your wedding theme, the hair, the dress, and what looks you really love. It is also important to know whether you will be indoors or outdoors, the lighting, the location, and the hours of each photo-shoot. Then we will create at least two bridal makeups: a more natural and a more dramatic one. At the end of each look we will take several professional-quality photos to ensure that they both appear flawless and pick the one you like best. We won't stop until you are totally excited, or until we drop...

Do not hesitate to bring with you makeup images you like. We will identify together the features you love the most and use them in a look that's right for you.


Look 1 - Natural Look

The first and most important element of either look is to create a perfect base. In the first, more natural look, my main concern is to create a bright, warm, and flawless base to highlight your strongest points and define the eyes, lips, and bone structure with delicate contouring and strobing techniques. Even for the natural look, I propose a set of lashes to help define the eyes and give you a fresh, sexy look. My next concern is to create a light base, enhancing your skin tone. In the two following pictures, I used warm tones of silicone-based HD makeup and concealer, face powder, beige and golden tones of eyeshadow, a set of natural hair lashes, eyeliner, and enhanced the lips with a natural colour close to the model's own tone.


Look 2 - Light smokey eyes natural lips

Using the light base of Look 1, we will create a stronger look, highlighting each time the features you like most: eyes, lips or both.

For Look 2, I chose a light smokey eye to define the model's look and added more peachy colours on her cheeks and lips - a bright glossy nude enhances her pretty juicy lips keeping them natural.



I love using make up techniques and colored lenses in order to create impressive face transformations for myself and my models


look 1

Natural eye color

Natural glossy lips

Light base


look 2

Light blue eye color

Glossy pink ombre lips

Bright base, soft contouring, strobing

Double set natural hair lashes



look 3

Light blue eye color

Creamy pink ombre lips

Bright base, soft contouring, strobing

Double set natural hair lashes



look 4

Light grey eye color

Matte pink ombre lips

Bright base, soft contouring, strobing

Double set natural hair lashes


look 5

Green eye color

Red ombre glitter lips

Bright base, soft contouring, strobing

Double set natural hair lashes